Magazine clippings I used to cut out of newspapers and the music press back in my youth.
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The Residents - Live photos

Some images from The Resident's Brisbane show at Easts Leagues Club in Coorparoo back in 1986.

I own the copyright on these images. If you want to use them make sure you contact me first.

Bad Manners - Live Photos

A few live photos of Bad Manners taken down in Wooloongabba on my trusty compact back in about 2001.
It was a bit of a crazy night, I hadn't seen that many skinheads for a long time, they certainly came out of the woodwork for that gig.

I own the copyright on these images. If you want to use them make sure you contact me first.

Deborah Harry

I'm not sure where these photos came from, but I'll have a guess and say they're from about 1977 or 1978?

Pistols Propaganda

The Sex Pistols pose for a photo at EMI studios back in 1976.
No doubt you'll recognize the balcony made famous by The Beatles from the cover of "Please Please Me".

NME about 1982.

The Residents Tour

The Residents tour and play Brisbane in 1986.
Before this tour they had rarely played any live shows at all and they only played a small amount after, so if you missed this tour I'd say you're stuffed then.
It was without a doubt one of the best and most bizarre live shows I'd ever seen.

Time Off 1986.

Billy Bragg - Gig Poster

From Billy's Australian tour.
I took a few photos at the Brisbane gig and when I track them down they'll be showing up in a future post.


Pistols reform

The lure of some quick cash was too much for the Sex Pistols, so they get back together for a world tour almost 20 years after they disbanded.

The Brisbane Courier Mail 1996.

The Damned - Strawberries

A damn nasty review for their long awaited fifth album Strawberries. I thought it was great to see The Damned come back with this LP.
Not long after, The Captain took off and we saw them turn into more of a pop band with the release of Phantasmagoria...
a bloody shame.


The Johnnys - Gig Poster

I ripped this one off the wall after a gig in sunny Brisbane one night, it must have been about 1985.

Just for curiosity sake I had a bit of a surf and found out the original banknote is a 1913 Mexican 10 peso note stated to be from The State bank of Chihuahua (El Banco Del Estado de Chihuahua). This money was not legal tender and was used by local Mexican militia to pay troops.