Magazine clippings I used to cut out of newspapers and the music press back in my youth.
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Anti Nowhere League - Streets Of London

Anti Nowhere League's first Single Streets Of London is released. I do remember the B side, causing a bit of a stir with the obscene lyrical content of the song, which led to the British police to seizing all copies of the single from the band's distributors under the Obscene Publications Act and removing all copies from sale... or so the story goes.

The Last Call Tour

A bit of promotional material for Anti Pasti's Last Call Tour from 1981

Jello Biafra

Barney Hoskyns does't quite get the chance to review the Dead Kennedys gig.

Buzzcocks Split

1981 and it's all over for the Buzzcocks, Pete Shelly goes solo, Steve Diggle an John Maher head off to form Flag Of Convenience and Steve Garvey forms Motivation.

Too Drunk...

More punk rock outrage with Melbourne record store Missing Link geting raided by the vice squad and a follow up court appearance dealing with obcenity charges for a filthy window display with the Dead Kennedy's single Too Drunk To Fuck.

Woodstock Revisited

A bit of promotional material for The Woodstock Revisted gig at the Rainbow in Finsbury Park 14th November, 1981

The Beat - Too Nice to Talk To

A bit of promotional material for The Beat's 1981 single Too Nice to Talk To.

New Hope For The Wretched... a review

New Hope For The Wretched, The excellent first LP by The Plasmatics as reviewed by Michael Oldfield.

Wendy O Williams

If you ever wondered what to expect at a Plasmatics gig, here's a bit of a guide.

Drunk On The Pope's Blood Review

A not too good review for the aforementioned Drunk On The Pope's Blood/The Agony is The Ecstacy EP

Drunk on the Pope's Blood, The Agony Is the Ecstacy

A bit of promotional material for The Birthday Party & Lydia Lunch split EP - Drunk on the Pope's Blood/The Agony Is the Ecstacy.

♫♪ These are a few of my Favourite Things ♪♫

Wattie from The Exploited runs us through a few of his likes and dislikes.

Joy De Vivre - Our Wedding

Crass have a bit of fun with Loving magazine and offer their services with a free Flexidisc.

The Divas

Thanks to Edward Kettle for these articles on The Divas and a press release for The Divas Bushfire EP from1990. As well as an extensive selection of flyers, posters and advertising material from various street mags and publications from the late 80s and early 90s.

Edward Kettle:
"The band was the vehicle of Damion Campbell-Young - songwriter and had quite a life. Formed in adelaide in 1984 , Relocating to Sydney in 86, Brisbane 94. Last show - Sydney 2003, untimely death of Damion in 2005 . Along with my friend Paul Mcqueen ex Divas drummer and Presenter on Song Writers Across Australia (SWAA) we are arranging a Ten year Aniversary tribute extravaganza, akin to Dig it Up ! We plan to release a 18 track Anthology CD - supported by some live shows with past members and guest musicians."