Magazine clippings I used to cut out of newspapers and the music press back in my youth.
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Billy Bragg - Gig Poster

From Billy's Australian tour.
I took a few photos at the Brisbane gig and when I track them down they'll be showing up in a future post.



  1. I'm making this a bit of a habit, commenting on you blog.
    I Can't resist this however.
    I have this as a poster, a real big poster, laminated. Its about 4 or 5 foot high by 3 across I suppose and another real large yellow poster.
    Had this one up in the lounge room
    for years.
    I think this was the first tour he did here,I got the poster at the gig, Festival Hall I think.
    ciao bob

  2. I got it off the wall after the gig, I have this one hanging downstairs, and it is huge. As far as I can recall the gig was at Easts Leagues Club.
    I took a few photos that night so I'll try and track them down in the next week or so and that'll tell us where the hell it was.


  3. Easts, that would be right,
    I'm sure the next time he came here was festival hall, but who knows my memory you know its a bit time ravaged.
    One of these gigs was just after 4zzz was kicked off the uni campus, he sang a song about that I think.
    But the first time was when Billy converted me to socialism, you never forget something like that
    ciao bob

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