Magazine clippings I used to cut out of newspapers and the music press back in my youth.
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The Johnnys - Gig Poster

I ripped this one off the wall after a gig in sunny Brisbane one night, it must have been about 1985.

Just for curiosity sake I had a bit of a surf and found out the original banknote is a 1913 Mexican 10 peso note stated to be from The State bank of Chihuahua (El Banco Del Estado de Chihuahua). This money was not legal tender and was used by local Mexican militia to pay troops.


  1. very cool!

  2. Great bit of detective work there bazzil,
    talking all things gig poster like have you seen this blog
    right up your alley mate
    ciao bob

  3. I haven't seen that blog before, Great stuff... So I'd like to say a good bit of detective work on yur behalf.