Magazine clippings I used to cut out of newspapers and the music press back in my youth.
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Queensland in Quarantine 1984


Great Brisbane compilation cassette release from 1984.

Get it here 

Track List:

Cassette 1
1. National Party Ad / Jerry Connolly / Flo / Joh
2. PORK “Three Kittens”
3. DANCE THEATRE “Finetime”
4. UPS & DOWNS “Colours Forming”
5. Geoff Munz, Qld Prisons Minister
6. TIM GRUCHY “‘Bout 6 Months Ago”
7. EUGENE & THE EGG ” View From The Edge”
8. Fairyland Ad / Flo
9. GATEKEEPERS “Unkindest Cut”
10. Geoff Muntz
11. LOVS E BLUR “Cruel Cruel Man”
12. THIS 5 MINUTES “Sunday Afternoon”
13. PRESIDENTS 11 “Summer Vacation”
14. Jerry Connolly
15. TANGLED SHOELACES “The Day The Rainclouds Went Away”


Cassette 2
1. MATT MAWSON “ElectroProp”
2. PICTISH BLOOD “Religious Fallacies”
4. LINDA & HARLEY “Narcolepsey”
5. COLOURS “Blue Shirt”
6. THIS 5 MINUTES “Coronation Time”
7. Steven’s Arrest
8. FURIOUS TURTLES “Trust Mistrust
9. VACANT ROOMS “Living In A Shadow”
10. STRANGE GLORY “Burial”
11. Flo / Muntz’ first & last press conference
12. TINY TOWN “And I”
13. PERSIA “Q-Girl
14. Flo
16. Joh
17. SUZETTE “………..”
18. Flo

4ZzZ Radio Special - Eternally Ours 1995

Eternally Ours, A history of Brisbane Bands from 1975-1995.
This has been posted before, but here it is again in case you missed it.
The full nine hour radio special broadcast on Brisbane's 4ZzZ back in 1995.

Get it HERE  (it's a big download at 964.6 MB)

The Beat - Hit It

Fresh from their 1981 U.S. tour The Beat release their 10th single Hit It.

Buzzcocks - Singles Going Steady

It's 1979 and The Buzzcocks Singles Going Steady LP is released to glowing reviews, a compilation of singles and B-sides on one fantastic release.

For Madmen Only

A bit of promotional material for UK Decay's First LP For Madmen Only.

Anti Nowhere League - Streets Of London

Anti Nowhere League's first Single Streets Of London is released. I do remember the B side, causing a bit of a stir with the obscene lyrical content of the song, which led to the British police to seizing all copies of the single from the band's distributors under the Obscene Publications Act and removing all copies from sale... or so the story goes.

The Last Call Tour

A bit of promotional material for Anti Pasti's Last Call Tour from 1981

Jello Biafra

Barney Hoskyns does't quite get the chance to review the Dead Kennedys gig.

Buzzcocks Split

1981 and it's all over for the Buzzcocks, Pete Shelly goes solo, Steve Diggle an John Maher head off to form Flag Of Convenience and Steve Garvey forms Motivation.

Too Drunk...

More punk rock outrage with Melbourne record store Missing Link geting raided by the vice squad and a follow up court appearance dealing with obcenity charges for a filthy window display with the Dead Kennedy's single Too Drunk To Fuck.