Magazine clippings I used to cut out of newspapers and the music press back in my youth.
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The Beat Wha'ppen?

Arista Records try to secure the U.S. distribution rights for The Beat's second Album "Wha'ppen?"


Shaming Of The True

Hailing from Toowoomba, QLD, back in the early 80s came The Shaming of the True. Members of the band all lived in Ascot House, a decaying old place which had been divided up into a number of flats.

Members of the band included Will Hogg, Toni Rosser, Ken Hinton and David Whatson.

I recorded this on my sisters old cassette deck sitting on the counter at the famous Dancing Bear Cafe back in 1983. The sound quality isn't too bad considering the age of the tape.

Ascot House Toowoomba in the 80s
The house has been restored check out some shots here.


The Clash

An old Clash Poster From U.K. music magazine The Record Mirror.