Magazine clippings I used to cut out of newspapers and the music press back in my youth.
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Shaming Of The True

Hailing from Toowoomba, QLD, back in the early 80s came The Shaming of the True. Members of the band all lived in Ascot House, a decaying old place which had been divided up into a number of flats.

Members of the band included Will Hogg, Toni Rosser, Ken Hinton and David Whatson.

I recorded this on my sisters old cassette deck sitting on the counter at the famous Dancing Bear Cafe back in 1983. The sound quality isn't too bad considering the age of the tape.

Ascot House Toowoomba in the 80s
The house has been restored check out some shots here.



  1. Ascot House, great memories. Hi to Teresa Biscoe, Bill McMurty, Ben Lancini and Anne Pedley amongst many others.

    Is Will still in town ?

  2. Last I heard Will was in Nimbin :)

  3. AnonymousJune 20, 2012

    Wow, I can't believe finding this. Does anyone remember some of the mushie parties at Ascot at this time? Denise lived there while we were art students. It was the happiest time, those years.
    Werdly enough, I live in Nimbin now..

  4. AnonymousJune 24, 2012

    I'm Sally.. Denise and I were best friends,I used to visit Ascot house often '82-'84, we probably met somewhere along the line. I remember the fabulous birthday party held for Toni/Nicki? in the front flat. Cannot download it , but it's nice to know the sounds of the Dancing Bear have been preserved with your tape. Cheers.

  5. Anyone know where Toni Rosser is now? I'm friends with a few Ascotians on facebook - Bill Mc for one (he's now in Tasmania) and Dinah,and Teresa, and Ben Lancini.
    Loved that house, it's been all prettified now, overly.
    Caroline Deane (me)

  6. I loved Ascot House. I'm friends on facebook with a few old residents (maybe not all, but you'll recognise the names mebbe) -Bill Mc (he's in Tassie now)Teresa Biscoe, Dinah, Ben Lancini...
    Anyone know where Toni Rosser is now? She was a great friend.
    Caroline Deane (I lived in the Tourist Rd Mansion)

  7. They were good times, I lived in Brisbane and my sister lived up there. I used to treck up there regularly to catch bands (The Ken Dolls and Lemon Fabs are a couple I remember seeing with Shaming of the True) and go to partys at Ascot. After it all ended I lived With Ben and Jenny for about a year in St Lucia.
    I haven't any idea where Toni is now although I do know someone who still keeps in touch with her sister... I'll hve to see what I can track down ;)

  8. Hi, I'm Cameron, the original drummer. I think the photo you have posted with Kenny on drums must be after I left for Sydney. Toni and I later continued in Sydney as 17th Doll and I still see her occasionally. Anne Pedley also play with Shamming of the True and I believe she provided the vocals on this;


  9. Of Cam and the Cattle Fame?
    Ram Jam Diaphragm - I was just listening to the "Bad Trips" tape last week as I was digitising the thing, haven't listened to that in a long time.


  10. Definitely not that Cam tho I know Campbell well, I also used to mix for the Cattle, they were always heaps of fun. Whatever you do tho, don't ever tell him he's famous, the world couldn't bear it.
    Like your site, will check it out properly when I have some time.

  11. Pre Ascot days (late 70s) Don't forget The Sad Cases (Steve Butler, Jeff Gibson, James Rogers and Keiran Knox + plus special guest Trish Small) and Brian and the Washing Machine (Andrew O'Phee, Will Hogg, Bop, etc.) Rock against disco /laurel bank hall / National hotel / quart pot folk club / Kev Carmody / DB Cafe / Drayton, Cambooya / Electric Panda Tim Walter / good times!!
    Hi to Toni, Cameron and everyone else from Steve and Trish in Yeppoon

    1. I was one of the "etc" in Bryan and the Washing Machine (or Housing Commission, or Bits of Mountbatten and so on). Hi to everyone from those days.
      John McNamara

  12. Hi Steve n Trish, Toni here - typing from Cameron's place at is happens. Carolyn can you jolt my memory? I remember the house is all. I can't believe this site exists! But they were fun days - lot of creativity. I've been back in Brisbane last 14 years. I work as a scientist now (found a surprising number of musician/scientist folk). been thinking about playing music again lately. Still got my bass. Does anyone still play?

  13. Hi Toni
    Trish here. Will have to look you up in Brisbane next time I'm there. You can message me through my facebook - Bush Bling Official
    PS Steve still plays

  14. Hey you old dancing bear people, we're green with envy because you actually got to live there! In the 90s we had to stand at the gate longingly gazing and wanting to get in there.
    The bear was a great thing too. Sad it closed.

  15. Hey, who took the b&w photos of Ascot House?