Magazine clippings I used to cut out of newspapers and the music press back in my youth.
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Gill Scott-Herron and John Cooper Clarke

Gill Scott-Herron and John Cooper Clarke Live at the London Greenwich Festival back in 1985.

Julian Cope Live 1989

Julian Cope shows us he can still pull it off live with a performance in Manchester.

Melody Maker 1989.

Wonderous Fair

Wonderous Fair score a track on the 4ZzZ compilation album State of Emergence so Time Off Magazine gives us a bit of a rundown on the band.


The Star Club

I saw this band live supporting The Johnnys back in the 80s, Japanese punk bands are always good for a bit of fun, although this reviewer didn't think so.

Still going after all these years. I tracked down a couple of sites for them here and here.


Old 4ZzZ Radio Spots

Here's a few old 4ZzZ radio spots from the early 80s for your enjoyment.
Thanks to Sean for these.

Get them here

Vi Subversa

1985 sees Vi Subversa turn 50 and The Poison Girls Release a new LP.

4ZzZ Postcards

A bit of Brisbane radio history with some old 4ZzZ Postcards from the mid 80s.