Magazine clippings I used to cut out of newspapers and the music press back in my youth.
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4ZzZ Postcards

A bit of Brisbane radio history with some old 4ZzZ Postcards from the mid 80s.


  1. Very nice Bazzil, I got a few t-shirts that haven't aged that well
    and my bottle of ZzZ red

  2. I wonder how the ZzZ Red's going?
    Time to crack it open don't you think?

  3. Haven't seen those postcards in decades! And my memory of Triple Zed Red was that it was 30% bio-toxic sediment.

  4. Well if anyone would still have these I thought you would. Maybe I just hoard too much stuff...
    I've even got The Gentle Art of Cat Surfing sitting in the Bookcase upstairs, I just can't throw anything out.


  5. And I hoard wine,
    I dont think I shall ever open the ZzZ red,
    one day it shall be worth thousands!!

  6. I thought i was a hoarder !! dang - cant find any of these postcards in the dungeon.. and the cat surfing i was too cheap to buy at the time.. had clean forgot about that till i saw your comment other day... thanks for dusting off the greyish matter in the way back of the thinking thing...
    Rod from the pineapples dubbed off a few old zzz tv commercials for me back in the late eighties.. I been saving them for a striped sunlight dvd collection post one day but can never get around to it.. Ill send out a search party to the dungeon and report back when they are sighted...If anyone in brisy will get a kick out of em it's probably you.

    Hey bob - drink the friggen wine!! Who's gunna pay thousands for vinegar? Joh's kids?

  7. 4ZzZ TV commercials can't wait. Ive got a few old radio commercials from the late 70s and early 80s (rescued from old cassettes by the brother-in-law) I'll have to post them too.

  8. First two designed by Damien Ledwich, 4th postcard by matt Mawson, 5th by Allan Martin, 6th by Michael Barnett , 7th and last designed by matt Mawson.

  9. Vale Damien Ledwich, truly, a visionary artist in Brisbane. 2nd designed by long forgotten hack but it started life as a poster as was the case with others if memory serves. Matt is a great and Michael is also an accomplished oil painter and I'd have sacrificed a wisdom tooth for one of his paintings. I have a fragile sweat shirt with his design in my wardrobe that I love. Those were the days my friend....