Magazine clippings I used to cut out of newspapers and the music press back in my youth.
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R.I.P. Rowland

Guitarist and Nick Cave collaborator from the Birthday Party and The Boys Next Door Rowland S. Howard has died of liver cancer aged 50.

Straight to Hell

On the set of one of the best punk westerns made with Alex Cox and Joe Strummer. (I must admit I only know of two punk westerns - "Straight to Hell" and "Dudes")
So if you haven't seen "Straight to Hell" get down the video shop and get it out, or better yet buy it so you can watch it the next night as well.

Spin Magazine August 1987.

The UK Decay Bedford Bunyan Riot

An article on the infamous 1981 Bedford Bunyan centre gig which tuned into a bit of a riot after skinheads showed up and attacked the band.

NME 1981.

A few quick record reviews

1980 sees The Buzzcocks, Pauline Murray and The Invisible Girls, The Boys and Knox bring out a single each, sadly with lack lustre reviews.

The Dead Kennedys Tour Australia

Found this on an old video tape I just unearthed...
The Dead Kennedys tour Australia back in 1983 so the local media finally gives them a bit of air time on the morning news show.
Thanks god for Australian independant radio stations like 4ZzZ, 'cos that was the only station that played them at the time.

Anti Nowhere League - So What?

The Anti Nowhere League Release their first 7" single "Streets of London".
As far as my memory serves me it got banned and seized by the Obscene Publications Squad only a few weeks after release due to the too rude B Side.


Leeds Carnival Against Nazis

The Leeds Carnival Against Nazis was one of many anti-Nazi carnivals held throughout Britain in the early 80s. It was put together by "Rock Against Racism" and fronted by The Specials.


Yello and Richy Müller - There Is No Reason

Here's one for ya, Yello and Richy Müller doing "There Is No Reason", from the film directected by Dieter Meier back in 1981, "JETZ UND ALLES".
I found this while going through some old video tapes last weekend. I must say this is the only time I've seen this myself.

And then there were 3

Gary Hodges, the original 4 Skins vocalist parts with the rest of the band.
It looked like the end but they did continue for another three years until finally disbanding in 1984.

NME 1981.

The Mystery of Sixes Texas bootlegs

Thanks to Rob for this article on the Mysterious Mystery of Sixes Bootlegs that came out of The United States back in 2001. This is the first time I'd heard of these myself.

Check out Robs site here for old punk and metal fliers from the late 80s through to the early 90s.

The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle

Australia finally sees the release of The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle in cinemas in 1981.
Here's a quick review for you all.

Even if you did think the film was a load of crap, it was worth a look to see rare and previously unreleased footage of the band.

Moving Parts - China Doll

The second single by Moving Parts - "China Doll".
The "A" side (If I get my turntable back in action I'll throw on the "B" side)
Just click here to get it.


Thanks For The Fish

After a few months off with an injury, Brizzie band Thanks For The Fish are back supporting Hunters and Collectors.

Time Off 1986.

Tom Verlaine

With a tour by ex Television frontman Tom Verlaine in the pipeline, RAM Magazine track him down for a bit of an interview.


Yet More Post-Pistols

...and what did the surviving Sex Pistols do after the split?

Have a read and find out what they were all up to back in 1980.

UK Subs - Crash Course

1980 sees the release of the U.K.Subs most successful album, Crash Course, their first live album.

Steve Kilby Unearthed

Steve Kilby gets back to basics with his first solo album "Unearthed" which was recorded in his own home studio.

RAM Magazine 1987.

The Riptides - 77 Sunset Strip

This one was on the TV last night.
The Riptides with the classic 77 Sunset Strip.
I didn't even know they made a clip for it, but here it is.

Ian Dury and Noddy Harris

The tune Noddy Harris was just a bit too rude for the new Ian Dury album so the execs decided a few adjustments might be in order.

RAM Magazine 1983.

Bohdan X

A bit of an interview with Bohdan X (real name Bodhan Kubiakowski) from Aussie electro punk band JAB.
Visit JAB here.

RAM Magazine 1984.

Who is this band?

Does anyone have any idea who this is?
I recorded this off TV back in about 1985 I think.
It's been bugging me for years.
As far as I know they're a Brisbane band.

Don't be shy.

The Triffids UK tour

The Triffids head off on a UK tour to promote their upcoming album "The Black Swan".

Melody Maker 1989.

Siouxsie and the Banshees Live

Siouxsie and the Banshees play at the Hammersmith Palais back in 1982.


Man or Myth?

Nick Cave is back in Australia, touring with his new ensemble "Nick Cave: Man or Myth"

RAM Magazine 1984.

The Numbers - Modern Song

They played this on the telly last night. Early 80s Oz band The Numbers doing Modern Song. I haven't seen it for years.
It spurred me on to look them up on the net and to my surprise they have a myspace page with this and a load of other videos.
Visit them here.


A Career in Ranking

Smash Hits brings us an excellent interview with The Beat from about 1981.
It covers their time with Two Tone records and the beginnings of their G0-Feet label.

Pogo in Togo!

A good bit of German punk for the weekend - The United Balls doing Pogo in Togo.
I remember seeing a film clip on Countdown with a couple of elephants dancing in the background many years ago.


Exploit Yourself

A scathing report on The Exploited, Anti Pasti and Vice Squad gig at The Lyceum back in 1981.

Special Irish Beat

The Specials and The Beat play three charity gigs in Ireland in aid of Carri Mello, The Anti-Nuke Campaign and local Charities.


Jimmy and the Boys Last 69'er

The Poster for the live gig at the Bondi Lifesavers Club read "Jimmy and the Boys Last 69'er"
Well it wasn't the Last 69'er after all (there were many more), but it did draw the crowds.

About 1981.

Fresh Punk and Rotting Vegetables

The Dead Kennedys release Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables in the U.K. way back in 1980 so The New Musical Express gives us a rundown on the band and the new wave of U.S. punk rock.

I know what I like!

From the pages of Thunderground Skateboard Magazine we have Viktor's most indulgent music reviews. With reviews of The Meanies, Dream Killers, Painters and Dockers, The Grim Rippers and more.
To see what Viktor is doing now checkout Mouthguard.


Buzzcocks Reform

Another article I ripped out of the local street paper "Time Off" on the first reformation tour of The Buzzcocks.


The Residents Nibbles

Nibbles by The Residents, a strange (as always) collection from the last five Residents' albums gets a release in Oz.


Mystery of Sixes

The Mystery of Sixes get back together for bit of a reformation gig and reflect on the years back in what we in Queensland like to call the Joh era.

Time Off 2000.

Gun Club Tour

The Gun Club Tour Australia on the back of the release of the ep "Death Party"

RAM Magazine 1983.

Plastic Surgery Disasters

Plastic Surgery Disasters, the Dead Kennedys second full length album is released.
Not a bad album. although it never spent as much time on my turntable as Fresh Fruit did.


The Curse Of Zounds

Of all the bands that came out of the Crass label back in the early 80s Zounds were one of the best, so do youself a favour and try and track down "The Curse Of Zounds" and have a listen.

Visit Zounds


R.I.P Lux Interior

Sad news to hear that Lux Interior, the frontman of The Cramps passed away from an existing heart condition earlier this week.
Sit back and reminisce with this live video of one of the wildest live bands ever, from one of the best rock 'n' roll movies of all time URGH a Music War.

Bongo Brain

The Revillos release Bongo Brain and go on tour to promote it.


The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle

Brisbane radio station 4IP and the Valhalla Cinema down in New Farm bring "The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle" to Queensland cinemas for the first time.
I'd like to say I can't imagine 4IP ever played The Sex Pistols on the radio back then but I could be wrong.


Paris Au Printemps

PiL release their first live album to try and curb the huge number of poor quality, overpriced bootlegs flooding the market.

RAM Magazine 1980.

No Nonsense Video

Here's one you don't see very often.
No Nonsense doing Changes Must Be Made.
They played it on the telly last night. It must be over 20 years since I've seen this one.


Let Them Eat Jellybeans

Let Them Eat Jellybeans, "17 Extracts From Americas Darker Side" sees the light of day with a great cross section of some of the bands coming out of the U.S. at the time.
One of my favourite compilation albums from the era well worth a listen if you can get a hold of it.
This album will most likely never be re-released due to licensing issues and a falling out between Jello Biafra and one of the acts on the album. (if you have a look around on the net you can find info on exactly what the falling out was... so happy surfing)


Roger's Hair

Well it doesn't look too crazy to me, but Roger's hair certainly caused a stir back in the early 80s.

NME 1981.

Fad Gadget Live

Fad Gadget belts out a few tunes in Southgate and shows us his pubes.

NME 1982.

Wendy O. Williams meets Rex Humbard

Wendy O. Williams gets Rex Humbard's Autograph to add to her collection.


The Beat

The lyrics for The Beat's "Stand Down Margaret" and "Best Friend".
So you may as well throw that LP back on the turntable and have a bit of a sing along.

Smash Hits Magazine 1980.

New Hope For The Wretched

A bit more promotional material for The Plasmatics' first album "New Hope For The Wretched".


Christmas on Earth

A bit of promotional material for the Christmas on Earth punk gig that happened in Leeds back in 1981.