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Who is this band?

Does anyone have any idea who this is?
I recorded this off TV back in about 1985 I think.
It's been bugging me for years.
As far as I know they're a Brisbane band.

Don't be shy.


  1. Looks like The Hitmen to me.

  2. Not rough enough for The Hitmen... too poppy.

  3. AnonymousJune 21, 2009

    Is it the Someloves?

    They sound familiar...I'm probably going to be thinking about this all day now trying to figure it out lol

  4. The Someloves hey?
    I'll have to do a bit of detective work and have a look into that.
    This is a hard one.

  5. The lead singer looks like Robert Forster (Go-Betweens). Obviously it isn't but maybe it's his brother Tony. Was he a muso?

  6. I'm not too sure if he was a muso but I'll try and follow that up!

  7. Well it's not The Someloves, and I don't think it's Robert Forster's brother.. I couldn't find any bands he was in. (He does look a bit like him though)

    Someone's gotta know who it is.

  8. I've looked through my Brisbane Bands Out of the Unknown 1976 - 1988 mag (published by time off 1988) and there is a pic here of The Kents and they look quite similar. (Just to be confusing when googling I just discovered that there is also a current Bris band called the Kents, they're not related).

    The text says "Pop band with a pedigree which played mostly around 84/85 before moving to Sydney eventually to disband to various other outfits, notably the Vicious Kites. Consisted of Brendan Smyly, Ian Davies, Peter Dawes, Tony Bartly and Stuart Eadie, now in the Humdingers. Other members came from significant bands such as Toywatches, Colours, Twilight Zone. Single: Hope You'll Be There/Time and Tide '85."

    I hope I'm not sending you on a wild goose chase. I can scan the image if you like.

  9. I do have Out of the Unknown, I never thought of looking at that. I'll follow that lead.


  10. Not the Kents. Possibly Vacant Rooms (another Ipswich Band). 1985, the finalists in the Qld Rock awards (?) were shown on sat morn.TV. I remember The Aloha Pussycats were one finalist. This is NOT The Aloha Pussycats.

  11. Definitely not The Aloha Pussycats, But Vacant Rooms? I will follow that up!!!


  12. SOLVED... If you're keen to know,7680.0.html

  13. AnonymousMay 21, 2013

    lovers in bunkers - keyboardist tony ran the tube club in the lands office hotel 84-85. drummer andrew and blonde guitarist worked the door. great band and a terrific bunch of guys.