Magazine clippings I used to cut out of newspapers and the music press back in my youth.
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Singalong with The Beat

If you could never understand what the hell The Beat were on about, this'll help you out.


Fresh Fruit

The Dead kennedy's first LP "Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables" hits the shelves.
So what did the music press think?


Uncle Jimmy's Kiddies Korner

A contest was run to find the most disgusting stuff Ignatius Jones could do on stage.
Have a read.

RAM Magazine about 1980.

The Clash

Everything you wanted to know about The Clash's first album from the mouths of Joe Strummer, Keith Levine and Terry Chimes.

Uncut 2003.


Stiff Little Fingers release a live lp by the name of "Hanx".
I will admit it wasn't the best Stiffies album but hey, it was more SLF. (and it wasn't as dull as "Now Then")



Sydneysiders The Skolars release "Next to the Oyster" and give a bit of background info on the band.

RAM Magazine 1986.

Wot No Meat ?

Fresh from the pages of "Here's Health" Magazine Captain Sensible has a bit of a rant about all things good for society, the environment and your own personal well being.


Time for a beer

Dave Vanian, Joey Ramone and Captain Sensible get together for a beer.

NME 1980.