Magazine clippings I used to cut out of newspapers and the music press back in my youth.
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The Clash

Everything you wanted to know about The Clash's first album from the mouths of Joe Strummer, Keith Levine and Terry Chimes.

Uncut 2003.


  1. Great post Bazzil it reminds me of a clash songbook I had/still got
    somewhere that covered their 1st Lp and some of the other tracks recorded before their 2nd Lp. The layout and some of the photos are similar.
    Most enjoyable read.
    ciao bob

  2. Hey Bazzil. Great blog! You're into this shit!

    I saw The Clash at the Capitol Theatre in 1982... I think it was. We dressed up like the north shore pseudo punks we were, and then had to turn our home made studded armbands and belts in at the door...Great gig and great band. Still listen to Black Market Clash and Give 'em Enough Rope every now and then.

    Glad I got to see them and the late great Joe Strummer.

    See ya round in blogland!