Magazine clippings I used to cut out of newspapers and the music press back in my youth.
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Jimmy and the Boys say goodbye

Jimmy and the Boys hit the road and disgust their audience for the very last time at a farewell gig at Selina's night club in Sydney.
A bit of an end of an era to say the least.

RAM Magazine 1982.

Siouxsie and the Banshees

Take a trip back in time with this four page Siouxsie flashback special.

Melody Maker 1986.

The Church at Sydney Uni

The Church play at Sydney Uni showing the audience how well they can "rock out".

Ram Magazine 1986.

No Nonsense

Melbourne ska band No Nonsense release their 12 inch ep "Around Tuit" and hit the road for an Australian tour.

Juke Magazine 1984.

Painters and Dockers

Melbourne band Painters and Dockers play a transvestite show, now that doesn't happen every day does it?
They were great to see live, I must admit I don't remember all of the gigs I saw (That means I must have had a great time) but I do remember seeing them every time they toured.

Smash Hits 1985.

Hunters and Collectors off to the USA

Hunters and Collectors hold a bit of a farewell gig in Melbourne before heading overseas to try their luck in the USA.

Ram Magazine 1986.

Go-Betweens - Liberty Belle

The Go-Betweens release Liberty Belle and the Black Diamond Express - a review from Melody Maker Magazine.


Furious Turtles - live photos

The Furious Turtles (Brisbane's first ska band) live at The Glen Hotel Ska-b-Que and Amyl's Nightspace.
They released one 12"ep but the recordings on it didn't even come close to how good they were live.
These were taken around 1984-1985.

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In God We Trust, Inc.

The Dead Kennedys' ep "In God We Trust, Inc" is released in the UK, so here's a bit of a review from the music mag NME.


Shane MacGowan

Shane MacGowan gives us an insight into his previous 12 months through the alcoholic haze of a couple of bottles of red.

Record Mirror 1985.

State Of Emergence

4ZzZ hold a record launch gig for the "State Of Emergence" compilation album at the UQ refectory building.
If my memory is correct the girl in the photo is Janice Jetson from Brisbane band The Mindsweepers.

RAM Magazine 1986.

Flux, Subhumans and Rudimentary Peni

The second wave of punk hit - in the words of GBH it was all Leather, Bristles, Studs and Acne.
Flux of Pink Indians head a bill with The Subhumans and Rudimentary Peni at The Red Lion in Leytonstone.

NME 1982.

Sex Pistols LP cover trial

Things really heat up for The Sex Pistols when the famous LP cover trial kicks off with a shopkeeper charged under the Indecent Advertising Act of 1899.
The cause of all the drama (as we all know) was the cover which used the rude slang word - Bollocks.


The Reels - Astonishing Facts

Dave Mason has a bit of a chin wag and tells us a few rarely heard facts about The Reels.
And what did happen to the long lost Reels heavy metal album?

Smash Hits 1986.

Buzzcocks Reform

The Buzzcocks get back together for their first world tour since they split in 1981, which also saw their first trip to Australia.

The Courier Mail 1989.

The Models story

A history of Melbourne band the Models from 1977 to 1986 as told by Sean Kelly.

Ripped out of the pages of Smash Hits Magazine circa 1986.

Let's ask The Revillos

The Revillos (one of the best Scottish bands ever, apart from The Rezillos) tell us their likes and dislikes.
If you don't know them head down to your local record store and pick up a copy of 'Rev Up' - you won't be disappointed it's a bloody great album.

New York Rocker 1981.

Go For It

A bit of promotional material for the Stiff Little Fingers album 'Go For It'.

NME 1981.

The Beat live

A gig review for The Beat and Joe Jackson from the pages of NME 1981.