Magazine clippings I used to cut out of newspapers and the music press back in my youth.
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The Violence in Music

Another from Richard Conrad, I remember when this was going down - I laughed my ass off.
Doesn't anyone remember The Sacred Cows? Blame Mel Brooks for the decline of western civilization I say!!!

"This article resulted in some current affairs show flying the Dockers' Paulie Stewart (who I can now confess is a mate of mine) to Brisbane for a TV debate with the preacher; they put him up at the Sheraton the night before. We partied all night in Paulie's hotel room with a bunch of friends, running up a huge bill on the TV station's tab, & several of us crashed the night there. Remember Paulie looking a total wreck the next morning, crawling straight out of bed when reception rang & went straight down to the studio's waiting taxi unwashed and unchanged in a grotty Bonds white singlet. Best line on air from Paulie during the debate: "If Jesus was alive today he'd be a Dockers fan". Gold."

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