Magazine clippings I used to cut out of newspapers and the music press back in my youth.
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The Residents

The Residents tour of Oz was without a doubt one of the strangest live performances I'd ever experienced and also one of the best.
Richard Conrad gets The Residents manager on the phone all the way from San Francisco for a bit of background info on the tour.



  1. randomly swinging spotlights on tentacles... strange sounds that are only now just begining to make sense.. an aural stain on east's leagues they still cant disenfect... a "kiss" for grownups as far "we will never take our eye heads off!" although i do have an album with normal faces on it.. was i scammed? a true residents fan will never know.....

  2. A wet sydney night that turned into a torrential down pour, flooding parramatta rd and making the trip from the city to fairfield to drop off my tripping mate who was catatonic after seeing the residents with me at that place upstairs in george's all coming back.

    we were so, so lucky to see snakefinger live that night!

    great blog.