Magazine clippings I used to cut out of newspapers and the music press back in my youth.
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Wall of Voodoo Tour

Wall of Voodoo hit Brisbane, playing at Easts Leagues club if my memory is correct.

Time Off Magazine 1987.


  1. yes, it was a brilliant gig! :)
    many happy memories of this night, my sister and I got to talk to Andy and Chas, so cool!

  2. Hi Lilaclady, glad to see ya like my posts, it's always good to get some feedback!!
    It was a good show that one, I saw many a band at Easts Leagues Club - The Johnnys, Go-Betweens, The Pogues... among others :)

  3. Thanks for posting.. loved WoV!... we saw so many at East Leagues... The Cult, The Cramps, Lime Spiders and many more... good times :)

  4. Was in the front row. Got to chat to Andy after the gig. I loved them so much. Any pics of other gigs at Easts?

  5. I did take photos at a lot of Easts gigs... I should track them down.