Magazine clippings I used to cut out of newspapers and the music press back in my youth.
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Edmund Kuepper

Ed Kuepper tells us where he's headed with ten years in the music biz under his belt.
He must be up to 30 years by now I'd say.... far out that went quick.

RAM 1987.

Headless Chickens

The Headless Chickens belt out a few tunes at Coolangatta on Queensland's beautiful Gold Coast.

Time Off Magazine 1989.

Ian Dury

Ian Dury comes back for some dates at the Lyceum Ballroom.

NME 1982.

Robert Smith - This is your life !

A look at Robert Smith's life with some rare photographs from his childhood.

Smash Hits 1986.

The Birthday Party Live 1982

Are they the greatest Rock 'n' Roll band in the world ?
The Birthday Party - live and at their best.

NME 1982.

The Mustard Club

The Mustard Club were a band out of Sydney, they brought out a few of singles and appeared on Sound Of Sydney Volume 2.
Have a read to find out more.

Ram Magazine 1986.

Samurai Trash

They released a few singles in the mid 80s (the one I do remember was Samurai Stomp), appeared on JJJ's Live at the Wireless LP but never produced an album.

Juke Magazine 1984.

The Jam - Dig the New Breed

The last album by The Jam "Dig the New Breed" (a collection of live performances from 1977 to 1982) is released.

NME 1982.

Sellin' Out ?

Captain Sensible, Steve Strange and Lene Lovich sign up for some advertising dollars.

About 1982.

The Stems - Sad Girl

The Stems Sad Girl single gets pulled off the album for release and a tour to promote it is planned.


Ten Years in an Open Neck Shirt

The John Cooper Clarke documentary Ten Years in an Open Neck Shirt is released.

NME 1982.

The Redskins and Billy Bragg

The Redskins and Billy Bragg greet the new year with the release of two new LPs.

RAM January 1987.

Blue Ruin

Melbourne band Blue Ruin's album "Flame" is released but sadly ignored by the mainstream radio stations.
Personally I quite liked the album.

Juke Magazine 1987.

Hunting and Collecting.

After a long wait of almost a year in production Hunters and Collectors release their first full length LP.
Greg Perang gives us a rundown on the release.

Rip It Up Magazine 1982.

The Bamboos

Yet another Perth band take off for the east coast in search of fame and fortune (the same thing happened with all the Brisbane bands taking off for Sydney or Melbourne back in the day).
Catch up on the story in this interview with The Bamboos.

Juke Magazine 1987.

Hoodoo Gurus

Hoodoo Gurus comic strip from the pages of Countdown Magazine.
It doesn't make a great deal of sense but what the hell.