Magazine clippings I used to cut out of newspapers and the music press back in my youth.
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Wall of Voodoo interview

Wall of Voodoo get together at the basement club under Hollywood's Pussycat Theater for an interview.

From the pages of 'NY Rocker' magazine May 1981.

Jimmy and the Boys

Jimmy and the Boys release their first ballad with the Tim Finn penned classic 'They Won't Let My Girlfriend Talk To Me'.
(It was their second album I thought)

The Courier Mail 1981.

The Professionals

The whole story on The Professionals starting with the breakup of The Sex Pistols in 1978.
Also includes a full discography up to 1991.

Spiral Scratch 1991.

Steve Garvey

Steve Garvey agrees to an interview and shows us there is life after the Buzzcocks.

NME about 1981.

The Damned tour dates

A bit of promotional material for a 22-date tour by The Damned kicking off at the Newcastle Mayfair.


The Scientists - Blood Red River

A rousing record review for the mini LP Blood Red River.

Ram Magazine 1983.

Johnny Rotten

The evil J.R. (now a well respected member of society) shares a few of his thoughts on the Sex Pistols, PiL, and his loathing of the rock and roll industry in general.

From the Brisbane Sunday Sun 1980.

Hoodoo Gurus - Live at Selinas

The Hoodoo Gurus show the crowd they haven't lost any of their energy putting on a great show at Selinas.

RAM Magazine May 1987.

Phantom Records

Phantom records celebrates three years in existence.
Dare Jennings and Jules Normington take us through those first three years.

Ram Magazine 1983.

The Dugites

A bit of promotional material for Perth band The Dugites South Pacific single.


The Birthday Party Live

Tracey Pew is doing hard time in Australia so the rest of The Birthday Party head off to the U.K. to cause some chaos.

NME 1982.

Dave Warner returns

Dave Warner returns for a show at The Tivoli in Sydney.

RAM Magazine January 1984.

Toy Dolls

An interview with Olga Algar from The Toy Dolls.

Punk Lives Magazine 1984.

The Politics of Redgum

Adelaide band Redgum let us know what side of the political bench they sit on.

RAM Magazine 1981.

Captain Sensible

Everything you wanted to know about The Captain from the pages of Spiral Scratch 1991.
With a complete discography of all releases to 1991 so you can complete your Captain Sensible collection.

The Church

The Church play with The Cuckoos at The Tivoli in Sydney.

RAM Magazine 1983.

Spizz History

The release of Spizz History.
Spizz, Spizzoil, Spizzenrgi, Athletico Spizz 80... were there more?
I picked up "Do a Runner" about 27 years ago and played the hell out of it.
Visit Spizz at

NME 1981.

Hunters and Collectors

Hunters and Collectors hit the big time with a top 40 single and the release of Human Frailty.

Smash Hits Magazine 2nd June 1986.

Dead Kennedys - The politics of outrage

A conversation with Jello Biafra about the political views of The Dead Kennedys and their album Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables.

Taken from RAM Magazine in 1980.

Jimmy And The Boys Tour

A bit of promotional material for a Jimmy and the Boys tour for their first album - I'm Not Like Everybody Else.

RAM Magazine 1979.

John Lydon and J.J. Burnell Face charges

John Lydon and Jean Jacques Burnel cause havoc on both sides of the English Channel. Lydon is arrested for assault with a publican and Burnel is charged with incitement to riot.

September 1980.

Lydon and Burnel Set Free

Hey it's O.K. they all Got off.

December 1980.

Beat Roots

Ever wondered where the inspiration for the Beat Girl logo came from, well now you know.

NME 1980.

Dead Kennedys - Kill the Poor

A bit of promotional Material for the third single from The Dead Kennedys, Kill the Poor.


The Beat... Best Friends

The Beat play a festival in France with Skafish, XTC, The Police and others.

This was from about 1980 maybe out of The Record Mirror.