Magazine clippings I used to cut out of newspapers and the music press back in my youth.
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Just who are The Black Assassins?

Were they Brisbane's Ugliest Band?
Formed in Brisbane in 1981, never released any recordings and had one of the most mysterious reputations of all the Brizzie bands. They played sporadically throughout the 80s and constantly gave the local constabulary a good run for their money. Find out more at their website
Not too sure where this article came from - maybe a fanzine of some sort from the era.


  1. Hi Bazzil,

    The article came from a Brisbane fanzine called Xchange that was written and published by Ian Gray. The edition of Xchange it came from was from some time early in 1982. The same Ian Gray who also wrote the article on Brisbane band's in Semper Magazine 22nd July 1981 that you posted in this blog.

    The Black Assassins finally did release some recordings, it just took the band a very long time, 23 years, to get it out. A CD of 13 Tracks called The Black Assassins Greatest Hits was released in November 2005 and launched with The Black Assassins playing a gig with '80s Brisbane band Pineapples From The Dawn Of Time and others a The Rev in Brisbane in December 2005.

    As to whether The Black Assassins were Brisbane's ugliest band?
    No one has ever challenged us for the title.

    Mohammed El Jackal
    The Black Assassins

  2. I do remember that fanzine.
    I didn't keep many full magazines from the era, the pile just got to big, but I couldn't throw them out so I just cut stuff out that interrested me at the time. Consequently I cant remember where all this stuff came from so thanks for the info.