Magazine clippings I used to cut out of newspapers and the music press back in my youth.
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The Insane Hombres

Brisbane 1986-1989 (or there abouts).

Here's a photo shoot I did for them in about 1987. The Insane Hombres were a good old skate punk band who played frequently around the traps in Brisbane during the mid to late Eighties. They released one 12" ep titled "To the Core" in 1989.
Members included John Bryant (aka Johnny Kwala), Sid Roberts, Terry McDougall and Ian Cranfield.
Both Sid and Terry went on to join The Dream Killers.
I took these photos in an old house they rented as a practice room somewhere in the western suburbs of Brisbane.

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  1. ian cranfield went on to play drums in brisbane band MOUTHGUARD!!

  2. and terry went to dream killers..

  3. R.I.P Terry

  4. Terry was a friend and helped me get cleaned up in 98 after 15 years and a million up the arm.Fukin life story blew me away.I moved from Briz not long after and now have daughter nearly 3 and lost in 2000 contact.I new why but just Fukin around tonite on line and read he's gone.Gutted-Loved you mate.You knew I had to get out and I'll never forget.Can anyone tell me were he's buried or lays.Feel guilty as all I did was take from him but that helped him.He believed after what he got given in life-I ain't no bible basher but he did believe.If there's any such thing he will have a good next life cos his was Fukin hard-I wouldn't betray by telling but don't whinge about your life and get the fuk outta town if the monkey won't get off.I followed his words I knew it to but I'm still here thanks to him.Love you Tel.....Sadam