Magazine clippings I used to cut out of newspapers and the music press back in my youth.
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The Angels at Festival Hall

The first in a few poster posts from a good friend of mine who has a collection of over 100 gig posters from the early 80s.

The Angels play at Brisbane's Festival Hall.


Squeeze in Australia

Squeeze tour Oz in February 1980 and just can't handle it, too many flies and Aussies.
Ahhh those poms make me laugh.

Uncut 2000.

Lime Spiders

Enjoy an interview with The Lime Spiders' frontman Mick Blood as he takes us through a bit of their history.

Visit them here

RAM Magazine 1987.

The Relatives

Simon Kain from the Relatives (who came out of Melbourne in 1979) emailed me these when he contributed a record cover to
It includes a couple of fliers for two shows they did in 1979 and a shot of the band.
I picked up a copy of their Uncle Theo ep many years ago and it had constant rotation on my turntable back in the day.

The Hummingbirds

The Hummingbirds.
Vats of jello, lots of cars and guitars... what more could a band want?

Smash Hits 1987.

Toys Went Beserk

Sydeysiders Toys Went Beserk knock out a few tracks in the studio for Aberrant Records and put out a single.

RAM Magazine 1987.

Adam and the Ants

Thanks to Cathy for this article on the travelling Adam and the Ants show. "Sexmusic for Antpeople"
(Hey, who is that guy on the right ?)

Brisbane Telegraph 1981.

Hunters and Collectors on video

A more slimmed down version of Hunters and Collectors hit the road and release a live concert video.

Juke Magazine 1984.

The Cure at Wembley Stadium

With Robert Smith sporting a huge pair of Reeboks The Cure play Wembley Stadium.

Record Mirror 1987.

Siouxsie Backlash

A Siouxsie and the Banshees fan has a bit of problem with a review for their album "Through the Looking Glass".

Juke 1987.

Brad Shepherd on The Hoodoo Gurus

A bit of a history of The Hoodoo Gurus in an interview with local Brisbane boy Brad Shepherd.
Visit them here.

Courier Mail 1987.

More Jello in court

More info on the The Dead Kennedy's obscenity trial debacle.

Melody Maker 1987.

The Chills

New Zealand band The Chills play the last gig of their 1987 U.K. tour at the School of Economics in London.

Record Mirror 1987.