Magazine clippings I used to cut out of newspapers and the music press back in my youth.
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Bad Brains and The Fleshtones

ROIR release new recordings by Bad Brains and The Fleshtones in a cassette only release.

NME 1982.

Razar - The Reunion Gig

A flier for Razar's first and only reunion gig in Brisbane 1989.

It was a good night that one, a bit of a trip back in time to say the least.

The Cure

A very deep conversation with Robert Smith about the pursuit of pleasure and spiritual enlightenment.

NME 1981.

The Undertones

The Undertones play at Rock City Nottingham
....before Feargal Sharkey turned to the dark side.

NME January 1981

'Shake Some Action' Song Competition

The Triffids scoop the 'Shake Some Action' Song Competition in Perth.

RAM Magazine 1981.

The Johnnys - live photos

A few photos I took of The Johnnys in about 1985 at Easts Leagues Club in Brisbane.
The Johnnys were one of the most enjoyable bands I have seen, I always made sure I saw them every time they toured.
Their gigs started with a roadie wheeling out a bar fridge full of VB and when they got on stage their main priority seemed to be to polish the lot off before they finished.
You were always guaranteed a great night out.

I own the copyright on these images. If you want to use them make sure you contact me first.

Split Enz

A Mushroom records handout from 1975.
It shows a full profile of one band who were well ahead of their time....Split Enz.
Another piece of rare music history from mr.K

The Revillos - Hungry For Love

A bit of promotional material for the "Hungry For Love" single from The Revillos forthcoming album.
Why not visit their site? -

NME 1980.

A no show for Deborah Harry

Here's a great post from mr.K about the perils of eating too many cherries before going on stage to perform a live show.

It made the front page of The Brisbane Telegraph in December 1977.

Yeah Hup!

The Radio Birdman fan club hear of the imminent release of The Rockfield Tapes and New Race hit the road for the first time.

RAM Magazine 1981.

The Plasmatics

A run down on The Plasmatic's live shows - they included blowing up cars, sawing $1000 guitars in half with chainsaws and a good serve of nudity.
All in a nights work for possibly the wildest live act to set foot on the planet.

1981 Pix-People magazine.

The Glen Hotel Ska-B-Que

An ad and a bit of a writeup for one of the Ska-B-Ques (or is it a Sca-B-Que??) at Brisbane's Glen Hotel, they held two of these as far as I can recall. They were great fun and the best I'd ever seen The Strange Tenants and The Furious Turtles. It was 1983 I think.
This is a precursor to some up and coming posts of photos I took of both the bands and they will appear in coming weeks.
If you did go to these gigs leave some feedback.

Didn't see it coming...

A close shave for three members of The Professionals who escaped death in a head on collision in Minnesota in November 1981.
Taken from NME.

Local Talent battles the odds

A bit of a run down on Xero and The Black Assassins from the pages of the Brisbane Courier Mail.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Not sure what to get the youngsters for Christmas? Richard Conrad might be able to help.

Taken from the Brisbane Courier Mail, 1983.

Jello takes a wife...

The Dead Kennedy's frontman gets hitched to Therese Soder in a graveyard ceremony, presided over by Minister Bruce Loose from Flipper.

Gang of Four - Entertanment

A record review for the Gang of Four Album "Entertainment" from 1980.
I think it came from an American magazine.

Without a doubt one of the best albums of the era, and it sounds just as good today as when it was originally released.

Ups and Downs

The Ups and Downs have a bit of a chat about their new single "Living Kind" and the joys of being followed around by groupies.
Taken from Brisbane's street magazine "Time Off" August 1986.

PiL start a RIOT !!!

PiL step in to take over some Bow Wow Wow dates at The Ritz Ballroom in New York, so they play behind a screen.
The crowd weren't too pleased and it caused a riot.

Good stuff.

NME 1981.

The Dead Kennedys - Let Them Eat Jellybeans

A bit of an article on the up and coming "Let Them Eat Jellybeans" LP, The Dead Kennedys and the Alternative Tentacles record label.
This was most likely taken from NME in 1981.

"Let Them Eat Jellybeans" was a great album at the time and listening to it again it still sounds pretty good.

Birthday Party, Boys Next Door

Just a quick record review for The Birthday Party, Boys Next Door album.
Not too sure where this came from, but it was from late 1980.

Biggs Steals The Show

The Sex Pistols split in January 1978 so Paul Cook and Steve Jones headed off to Brazil to meet great train robber Ronald Biggs and to record a couple of songs with him.
I remember it causing a hell of an uproar at the time.

This article was cut out of RAM Magazine in 1978.

Brisbane Bands

A writeup of Brisbane bands from the pages of Semper Magazine (The University of Queensland's student union publication) dated 22nd of July 1981.
With The Go-Betweens, JFK and the Cuban Crisis, The End and more.
A good snapshot of the bands playing around Brisbane at the time.

Summer fun with The Barracudas

The Barracudas started in London in the late 70s but could just have well as come from America's west coast. Surf guitars and great tunes, a big contrast to all the punk bands coming out of the UK at the time. Taken from an article in the UK mag "The Record Mirror" in 1980.
Read more about The Barracudas on this page I found at Steve Gardner's site, and make sure you have a browse through the rest of his site.

Dave Warner

Here's an article about Dave Warner from Australian music magazine RAM magazine (Rock Australia Magazine). RAM started in 1975 and was over sometime in the late 80s.
Dave Warner formed his band "From the Suburbs" in the late 70s and produced some classic Australian music, he has also written a couple of movie screenplays and a number of novels . Visit his site at to listen to some of his music, learn more about the man and purchase his music and books.

The Insane Hombres

Brisbane 1986-1989 (or there abouts).

Here's a photo shoot I did for them in about 1987. The Insane Hombres were a good old skate punk band who played frequently around the traps in Brisbane during the mid to late Eighties. They released one 12" ep titled "To the Core" in 1989.
Members included John Bryant (aka Johnny Kwala), Sid Roberts, Terry McDougall and Ian Cranfield.
Both Sid and Terry went on to join The Dream Killers.
I took these photos in an old house they rented as a practice room somewhere in the western suburbs of Brisbane.

I own the copyright on these images. If you want to use them make sure you contact me first.

The Birthday Party, International Exiles and Equal Local

A gig writeup for a Birthday Party show at the Ballroom in Melbourne from 1982 (or there abouts) from Craig Pearce.
God knows where this article originated from, but have a read.

And if you were at this gig why not leave a comment.

Just who are The Black Assassins?

Were they Brisbane's Ugliest Band?
Formed in Brisbane in 1981, never released any recordings and had one of the most mysterious reputations of all the Brizzie bands. They played sporadically throughout the 80s and constantly gave the local constabulary a good run for their money. Find out more at their website
Not too sure where this article came from - maybe a fanzine of some sort from the era.

An evening with Ignatius, Joylene and the lads

One of the more (dare we say) outrageous Australian bands of the early 80s with live shows consisting of simulated sex acts, baby burning, pigs heads and more gracing the stage.
As far as I can recall this article was cut out of the Brisbane Courier Mail in 1981.

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